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How To Choose a Sofa?
Besides sitting, a sofa is great to take a nap on so make sure it’s long and deep enough. The perfect sofa is at least 40″ deep.

Make sure the size of the sofa fits the room. Cut a template out of brown paper of your sofa you are considering before you buy, that way you can see how it fits in the room. Make sure you have a enough room left and a clear path. You want to be invited into the room visually.

How it looks is of course very important, but functionality is key when it comes to choosing a material for your sofa. If you have pets or small children suede might not be the best material for you. Leather is a much safer option and can be fairly easy to clean.

The level of softness in the seat and back do not have to be the same, so consider those. Sit on different fabrics long enough till you find one that is right for you.

Should the sofa be the focal point in the room or should it be an other item like for instance a fireplace, a window or painting. Playing with arrangement of the furniture will help you find that special style. The main advice is find a focal point in the room and arrange the furniture around that.

Finding a great sofa and other piece of furniture stays of course a personal process, you will need to find the style, color and size that fits you and we hope these small tips will help you with that

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